Style to warm the cockles of your heart

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29 May 2013
Style to warm the cockles of your heart
Turn by Skantherm.

If you have been a grown up for a while, you might remember chimney stoves. Years ago, every home had one. They served as the heart of the house, providing warmth and a place to cook family meals. It was accidental design genius, really, offering a focal point for people to converge in the centre of the living area. Well we are bringing back this piece of design genius and this time it is no accident.

We at Oblica are proud to welcome Skantherm, Europe’s reigning kings of chimney stoves, to our showroom. Providing all the modern style of a contemporary fireplace and all the old world charm of the stoves of yesteryear, Skantherms clever creations bring beauty, simplicity and strong designer flair to any living space.

To start off, we’ll be stocking the Turn, a rotating chimney stove perfect for those looking for designer appeal and functional use of space, and the Shaker, a tiny but mighty chimney stove with a bench accessory when you need to snuggle up next to the fire while you’re waiting for your winter stew to cook.

The 2 models are already in our showroom and should be available for sale within a couple of months. We’re looking forward to winter already!

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