Storm terrazzo tiles star in Flack Studio's Bendigo residence

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12 November 2015
Storm terrazzo tiles star in Flack Studio's Bendigo residence
Fibonacci Stone Storm Terrazzo. Photography by Broome Holm.

One of Fibonacci Stone’s latest terrazzo tiles is taking the Australian design industry by storm. A sought-after flooring and wall solution, Storm terrazzo tiles are a first choice among celebrated interior designers, such as David Flack, who chose them for his recent Bendigo Residence project.

Fibonacci Stone’s Storm terrazzo tile features pale aggregates of white, bone, and pearl grey marble, which contrast beautifully with a stormy grey cement for a bold and graphic look that integrates perfectly into any interior environment.

Storm terrazzo tiles are a stunning feature of Flack Studio’s Bendigo Residence project. Set on three acres of native bushland, the long, spacious pavilion-style house has both modernist principles and a warm, inviting country-home feel. It features finely handcrafted joinery and custom textiles, which sit perfectly with the Storm terrazzo tiles.

Storm features marble-based compositions, which highlight the beauty and sophistication of natural marble. The tiles also provide a low maintenance, hardwearing and long-lasting flooring and wall solution. This makes them a perfect addition to environments such as the Bendigo Residence, as well as hospitality and commercial settings.

Each Fibonacci tile is individually made to size to provide consistency in sizing plus as they are thin yet incredibly strong, the tiles are perfect for use both on floors and even walls – another reason for their popularity among the design industry.

Storm offers a strong and masculine terrazzo flooring solution for both traditional and contemporary settings, making them an ideal selection for the elegant and calm scheme of Flack Studio’s Bendigo Residence project. Their strength and versatility also makes them a perfect choice for any environment where timeless style and durability are the desired outcome.

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Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles offer extreme durability, environmental sustainability, ease of maintenance, high level of stock on hand coupled with the ability to offer custom colours and tile sizes for specialist projects.

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