Stonini panels used in warehouse transformation

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19 June 2013
Stonini panels used in warehouse transformation
Flow Athletic's reception area.

Siren Design was commissioned to transform the Paddington warehouse space into the unique fitness studio Flow Athletic.

The overall design of the space is of simplicity, it dictated a controlled and thoughtful palette of materials. The use of the industrial concrete Stonini panels complement the space, with their raw beauty, subtle texture and polished finish. Siren specified the panels for the reception area.

The unique composition of Stonini allows for easy cutting and drilling without expensive off site machinery. This flexibility allowed for the joiner to create an infill within the reception counter and to pin fix the Flow Athletic lettering and logo.

The final finish of the Stonini Industrial Concrete panels is of a solid core wall, whilst offering extreme durability and a unique handmade aesthetic in each 1800 x 600 mm panel.

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