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4 April 2014

Spicon's Linear Matrix 12 mm light engine was integrated with the design of the award winning Naremburn House, a project by Bijl Architecture.

Used to backlight the Corian panels that are fitted to the landing soffit of the cantilevering timber stair, and to backlight the Baresque Light Blocks at the front of the island bench in the kitchen, the Linear Matrix 12 mm light engine performed well.

The light engine was easy to integrate with the project's design, "[The light engine] uses such little energy to create its unique effect, that there is minimal heat build-up, removing the need for air gaps or similar devices" commented Melonie Bayl-Smith, director at Bijl.

The stair is part of the central volume of the house. Bijl Architecture's client wanted to light this area to create dramatic effects as well as to provide functional lighting for daily living. The design of the stair and the shape and height of the central void made any conventional lighting systems unsuitable for this purpose. A super-flat profile of 12 mm made the Linear Matrix light engine the perfect choice to light the stair's landing soffit.

Backlighting the Baresque Light Blocks at the front of the island bench in the kitchen was a challenge, Bijl Architecture's experience with past lighting solutions had been "washed out downlighting effects or patchy backlighting". The Linear Matrix 12 mm light engine offers edge-to-edge illumination and its lighting is set 50 mm from the illuminated material, so washed out or patchy lighting is not a concern.

Bijl Architecture is happy with the Linear Matrix 12 mm light engine, and Bijl Architecture's client is happy with the project. Bijl's client's comments speak of the flexibility and functionality of the Linear Matrix 12 mm light engine, and the natural talent and refined skills of the team at Bijl Architecture:

“We gave Bijl Architecture a very broad brief – create a 4 bedroom family home with no boring square rooms. The stair feature wall developed into the most dramatic area of the house and we wanted to create something that would become an exciting statement. The lack of availability of materials that could achieve some of the initial ideas led to the exploration of innovative, untried ideas.
For a client, the process of commissioning something unique can be daunting, but giving talented people freedom has resulted in something special”.

Architect – Bijl Architecture – Melonie Bayl-Smith and Vanessa Tang-Lee
Builder – Stuart Wilson Constructions
Photos – Michael Ford

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