Smartstone presents the new Nature Collection

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8 November 2011
Smartstone presents the new Nature Collection
Portoro, black with a yellow-white streaked vein replicating prestigious Italian black marble.

Smartstone, a subsidiary of HVG (Halifax Vogel Group), has added a new Collection to its existing range of engineered quartz and marble surfaces: the Smartstone Nature Collection.

Sourced in Spain, the Nature Collection offers the prestigious looks and elegance of natural stone, such as Italian marble, limestone and Belgian Blue Stone, with the superior durability that can only be found in quartz surfaces. A highly innovative process enables the pattern and veins to penetrate the slab so that polishing of edges also reveals the original and beautiful patterns of the stone.

As well as being technologically advanced, the Nature Collection has also been developed with consideration for the environment, including the use of BIO resins in the manufacturing process. Vegetable polymers are used as the binder, which makes these surfaces even harder and enhances their durability over time. With higher resistance to abrasion, chips, heat and UV rays combined with nil porosity, this range of surfaces is not only more hygienic but easier to clean and maintain.

The superb Smartstone Nature Collection comprises:

  • Perlino, a pearly white surface with a light grey vein
  • Carrara, a white surface with random blue-grey veins
  • Botticino, a warm beige tone reflecting the beauty of natural limestone
  • Nocerne, a blend of walnut and chocolate, characterised by prominent veins
  • Imperial, a rich brown surface with a creamy-white flecked vein
  • Portoro, black with a yellow-white streaked vein replicating prestigious Italian black marble
  • Pierre Bleu, replicates the elegant steely-grey tones of popular Belgian Blue Stone.

Beautiful, natural looking and sustainable surfaces that offer resistance to staining, cracking, chipping, heat and chemicals: how smart is that?


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