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29 October 2013

The incorporation of technology once was an addition to a fitout and design of a workplace. The integration of information and communications (ICT) is now a key part of space planning and furniture design. Formula is designing systems that are flexible by nature to accommodate ICT responding to client demands.

Shift is highly functional with high performance acoustics, code compliant and modular like no other system. It can easily incorporate a huge range and type of technology from electronic white boards to screens and video conferencing equipment.

ICT in the workplace should be a key driver in design of spaces. Flexibility allowing for change over time is also a critical factor in the specification of any interior systems.

Connectivity and collaboration objectives have seen organisations deploy large amounts of technology in their facilities to ensure greater reach and interaction for their staff. As technology becomes more affordable, more and more organisations are rolling out enterprise wide AV solutions. Historically organisations invested in a limited roll out of AV solutions that covered the Boardroom and main training room alone, today’s organisations are looking for end to end facility wide solutions that encapsulate a wide range of audio visual technology.

Connectivity has given organisations the ability to tap into national or global networks and communicate in real time internally with staff and externally to clients and stakeholders. Innovations in connectivity have also given organisations the ability to connect across desktop, tablet and other devices seamlessly. Many businesses are now upgrading their infrastructure from analogue to digital, ensuring wireless integration and numerous input and output possibilities are realised.

Integration of information and communications technologies has just got easier. Shift demountable and reconfigurable system easily incorporates customised ICT systems for workspaces.

Shift- an integrated solution

Working and collaborative spaces can be designed and installed to allow for changing needs of project teams and communication demands. Formula has teamed up with the industry leader of ICT integration, Rutledge AV. Rutledge AV bring their expertise to ensure seamless integration of technology and the Shift wall system.


  • Energy efficient LED lighting & good acoustics.

  • Modular power & soft wiring for easy accessibility and change.

  • Technology infrastructure options can include AV connectivity interface wall plates, wall reinforcement for projector, screen or display installations, cut-out penetration or punch out for AV control panel.

  • Easy to update hardware as technology becomes obsolete.

  • No downtime when relocating or reconfiguring a floorplate.

Shift has recently received an Australian International Design Award which is further testament to design excellence.

The way technology is integrated into the demountable walls makes Shift a complete solution. Rutledge AV engineers have worked closely with Formula to future proof the designs to ensure that further down the track when technology hardware is upgraded it can be performed seamlessly with minimal disruptions or impact on the environment. Shift ensures that technology will never be an afterthought and that the technology integrated within the demountable wall is fit for purpose and functional. It allows for innovative technology to be brought into meeting and training rooms with the touch of a button.

The point of this integrated technology is that no new systems have needed to be designed. It’s about collaborating and designing a wall system with ICT systems to work together seamlessly. Combining technology in a modular system such as Shift ensures different components and communication devices simply built in and simply relocated or replaced as needs change.

Rather than reinventing the wheel with expensive new systems, it’s about working with what is available and making it work “smarter” and more tailored to specific client needs.

Audio visual solutions are integral to the key fabric design, working in harmony with existing structures, infrastructure, lighting and acoustics to ensure that the existing built environments are enhanced with world class audio visual, which is of the most part - concealed. The Blue Chip business community, along with government, defence, entertainment and education sectors rely on Rutledge AV every day to ensure their audio visual and unified communication needs are delivering maximum value and reliability to their business operations. Technology is about understanding it and being able to value proposition our clients with systems that we believe in. Rutledge AV works closely with leading technology manufacturers to ensure they are at the forefront of innovation.

There is a growing demand in office accommodation for flexibility of use and space on a temporary and long term basis. As tenants move to a more open plan arrangement and ABW, there is a demand for systems that allow for these changes in space requirements and technology advancements.

Open plan spaces drive the need for quiet, private and collaborative spaces too. Meeting rooms that enhance communication within an organisation and with external parties is essential to business function in today's workplace.

Many people work together on a project basis which varies in demands and volume of people that spaces need to accommodate. Having “smart walls” that can be reconfigured allow for this demand in flexibility and ICT demands.

The trend for open space work environments are on the increase. Many of the new build sites that Rutledge AV & Formula are commissioned to design and install systems for incorporate activity based working stations or ‘hot desks’. From an audio visual technology integration perspective these environments throw up complex challenges due to the vast spaces not being equipped to house audio visual equipment. Designs for custom mounting and cable management systems are then required in order to conceal the technology and work in harmony with the open space environment. Shift has solved many of the complex audio visual challenges with open space designs by providing the joinery and functionality to house state of the art technology.


Channeling over 50 years of construction industry knowledge and experience, Formula designs and produces practical and innovative interior systems to suit the contemporary office environment.

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