Seaboard™ – a timber alternative for marine applications

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27 November 2012

Allplastics stock, cut, and fabricate Seaboard™ sheets. Vycom’s Seaboard™ is a high density polyethylene sheet formulated to meet the specific requirements of marine, RV and outdoor environments where water, UV exposure and other harsh elements are present.

Unlike wood or metal, Seaboard™ will not rust, corrode, delaminate or splinter. With its superior resilient surface texture, stiffness and UV resistant features, Seaboard™ is ideal for a wide range of applications from outdoor cabinetry and marine furniture to recreational area fit outs.

Seaboard™ is manufactured as a continuous extrusion. Thus, it is unconditionally guaranteed not to delaminate during the service life of the end-product. In addition, special post-production treatment enhances its ability to withstand the effects of salt water, moisture and direct sunlight.

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