Safe Grip Ultimate successfully installed at a shopping centre

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19 March 2015
Safe Grip Ultimate successfully installed at a shopping centre
Checker plate stairs after installation of the Safe Grip Ultimate anti slip stair nosing.

This Coffs Harbour – northern New South Wales - based large shopping centre required a sustainable and highly slip resistive solution for their external checker plate stairs. The facilities manager has contacted Global Safe and enquired about a solution which could be installed by their local contractor.

Global Safe has proposed using the Safe Grip Ultimate anti slip stair nosing as the product will provide a sustainable Pendulum Class V slip resistance, it is a non dangerous goods product and cures quickly. Another important consideration was the provision of instructions that the work can be done by a tradesman, who while has experience with epoxy products, had no previous experience with the Safe Grip Ultimate. This method has successfully worked before in the United States and now was put to the test in Australia.

Full surface preparation and installation instructions and the materials were provided to the centre management who organised their local tradesman to carry out the work.

The job has completed sucessfully and the facility manager has provided the following feedback about the product as well as of the tradesman comments.

“I’ve been on holiday and this job was completed a month ago but our tradesman could not have been more impressed with your product in regards to ease of application, quick drying time and nonslip qualities also the information you provided was of great help to us and our contractor. Overall the centre is very happy with the Safe Grip Ultimate product to the point we have recommend your product to other companies.”

The Safe Grip Ultimate has lots of advantages over several competitive products, including the very fast curing time which is vitally important insituations where there is a serious time constraint. Also the product is applied only as a single layer solutions, eliminating the requirement of “waiting for the product to cure between coats”, which makes it less labour intensive and more cost effective.

This is in addition to the product being long lasting and providing a very high slip sustainable slip resistance, choice of colours and environmentally friendliness.

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