Safe Grip provides anti-slip solution for BC Ferries

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16 September 2010
Safe Grip provides anti-slip solution for BC Ferries
The Safe Grip Anti-Slip strips applied over the pedestrian walking path.

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc., or BC Ferries, is known for its safety, spectacular scenery and a proud maritime history.

Since 1960 the company has grown into one of the largest, most sophisticated ferry transportation systems in the world, with 36 vessels and up to 47 ports of call.

Its safety conscientious and pro-active management has identified potential risk of slipping at one of its passenger terminal ramps in Vancouver. They contacted Tile Safe Products , to provide them with a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution for this issue.

Tile Safe had proposed the Safe Grip Anti-Slip strips to be applied over the pedestrian walking path due to the products outstanding and sustainable slip resistive qualities and suitability to the environment.

BC Ferries also implemented the Safe Grip in a smaller section to trial for the several thousands of cars, which are using the surface every day.

For practical purposes, the black colour was chosen. The work was completed off site and delivered to ensure that the ferries normal operation was not impacted.

The Anti-Slip strips were installed early in 2010 and management has a very positive feedback about the effectiveness of the non slip strips.

Over the years, the Safe grip product has proven itself in hundreds of challenging situations and the independent laboratory tests have shown that it has not only achieved the highest slip resistance rating (British Pendulum Class V), but it has also retained it over an extended period of time. This means that the floor surface contribution to the risk of slipping when wet will be Very Low not only at installation time but also for the years to come.

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