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11 June 2013

At MAXI Plywood, we can see outside the Hoop Pine box. We know that Russian Birch has the quality, durability and look that Hoop Pine provides, plus it retains it's light colour and beautiful markings years after installation.

Why not consider this viable and economic quality alternative?

Russian Birch Multiply is a multi-layer panel manufactured from plantation grown Birch logs. It is a short grain medium density hardwood that grows in the cold northern climate of Europe.

The availability of birch veneer sheets in all layers of plywood and use of high-quality glue and state-of-the art equipment allows for the manufacture of a world class product, that meets the world quality standards.

Since being a high-quality product almost without any defects, Russian Birch plywood is an excellent material for furniture. Furniture builders even design their projects so that birch plywood’s beautiful layers would be seen as a decorative feature of natural wood. Birch plywood is also used extensively in the construction and automotive body industries.

The surface of the birch plywood is nearly free of gaps and other defects which gives it excellent impact resistance, a very smooth surface, great screw holding power and can therefore be used for building, construction, auto/trailer and other industries where special strength of a material is required. Due to not having almost any defects birch plywood has an attractive side profile, which makes it highly decorative and can therefore be used to build furniture. Grain may run in either direction on the face of the sheet.

We offer a cut to size plus panels with perforation cut to order.

Phone today for a quote on our versatile quality Russian Birch ply range. Plus ask about our comprehensive range of Hoop Pine, Marine Ply, Falcata Ply and other ply products.

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