Russian Birch Ply — perforated finishes now available!

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2 August 2013

Beauty, strength and durability!

MAXI Plywood's Russian Birch is versatile in every way!

Russian Birch Plywood is an excellent material for interior design due to its clean elegant beauty and the unique visual effect of natural wood.

The senses are spoilt with Russian Birch; it is pleasing to the eye; appeals to the touch; has excellent sound insulation qualities and thermal conducting properties. The Russian Birch plywood used in internal finishing is stable to humidity and temperature fluctuation. These properties are an appreciated asset in wall coverings for concert and sport halls, nurseries, sound studios, retail stores, hospitals and a variety of public and private buildings. If necessary, plywood can be processed with special fire-resistant substances - fulfilling a multitude of safety requirements.

MAXI Plywood offers all customers a variety of cutting to size services aimed at minimising the run around. Our latest service to customers is the availability of perforated Russian Birch ply. This highly decorative ply is in demand for interior and exterior design elements. Create beautiful ecological and aesthetically pleasing wood finishes with Maxi Plywood's ability to service your needs. Perforated ply in Russian Birch provides beauty, strength and insulating properties unsurpassed by any other ply products. Ask and we will quote for your exclusive Russian Birch Plywood perforated design.

At MAXI Plywood we firmly stand behind the claims of Russian Birch Plywood to provide excellence in quality, versatility, strength, safety and aesthetic qualities.

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