Roof tiles a classic solution with long term benefits

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31 July 2012
Roof tiles a classic solution with long term benefits
Homeowners set on a colour and look for their roof should consider Boral tiles.

The roof is usually the largest surface area of a house and materials selection heavily impacts both performance and aesthetic longevity.

Roof tile specialist Boral encourages builders, architects and specifiers to consider the diversity of today’s concrete and terracotta tiles. With ongoing advances in materials, finishes, colours and profiles, tiles offer new home builders and renovators numerous benefits.

“As homeowners move towards passive home building materials and designs, tiles can influence the energy efficiencies of a home,” commented Boral divisional marketing manager, Glenn Simpkin. “The roof is a key source of heat gain and loss. Up to 35 per cent of a home’s interior temperature is gained or lost through the ceiling .

“Climatic and environmental conditions are also key influencers when selecting a roofing solution,” advised Simpkin. “Made to Australian Standards, Boral roof tiles are salt-safe and frost resistant which makes them ideal for most projects, presenting builders and architects with an opportunity to advise their clients on the best choices of roofing based on regionality.

“Style preference is often another element homeowners need guidance on. Those set on a colour or look may not be aware of compatible colour and profile alternatives available in Boral concrete and terracotta tiles. There is literally a tile to suit all architectural styles and exterior finishes.”

The extensive range and unique designs of Boral roof tiles provide homeowners with enhanced flexibility in roof design. Available in both functional concrete and stylish terracotta, Boral roof tiles are available in many different colours and profiles.

Built to last, Boral roof tiles come with a 50 year warranty against defects . Once tiles are installed, in most instances, there is little or no maintenance required. Should a section become damaged, there is the added benefit of seamless single tile replacement.

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Boral Roof Tiles supplies concrete and terracotta roof tiles. The tiles are naturally coloured, and shaped or flat.

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