Ronald McDonald House gets floor safety refurbishment

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9 March 2012
Ronald McDonald House gets floor safety refurbishment

RMHC is an independent non-profit organization, that helps seriously ill children and their families when they need it most. We were founded in memory of Ray Kroc, the creator of McDonald's who believed in charitable works as a way of putting something back into the community. McDonald's Australia pays all administration and management costs of RMHC and is a generous donor. The rest of the essential funds required are raised by the charity.

The external tiled surfaces were slippery and about 12 months ago a clear DIY anti slip epoxy was applied onto the surface. The surface started blistering and discolouring and its slip resistive quality has deteriorated quite dramatically.

Management has contacted QLD Antislip Solutions – a local authorized dealer and accredited applicator – to provide them with a sustainable an aesthetically pleasing slip resistance standard compliant surface.

A Safety Representative of the company has attended the site, and after inspection proposed a sustainable environmentally friendly solution for the the RMHC house.

The Supa Safe product speckle coated version was proposed by QLD Antislip Solutions as well as for the stair nosing due to its proven and very high sustainable slip resistance. The Supa Safe product had had extensive testing using the accelerated wear testing method. The test results have shown the product has a very high and sustainable slip resistive quality, and very likely to provide a long term solution.

The QLD Antislip Solution team carried out the work which included removal of the existing epoxy coating, surface preparation, anti slip coating and speckle coating, stair nosing and RMHC logo. The logo stencil was supplied by Rivercity Displays, an award winning display and signage company.

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