Revenue share locker trend picks up

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24 July 2015
Revenue share lockers are becoming more popular

A locker is a necessary convenience for the storage of personal goods in public places. Revenue share systems allow you to specify a state-of-the-art locker solution without the massive initial investment, providing a range of financial and operational benefits to the vendor. Here are four reasons revenue share locker systems are becoming a popular choice for a wide range of applications:

1. No capital investment – depending on the size of the venue and the quantity of lockers required, a quality locker solution can be a significant investment. Entering into a revenue share agreement with a locker provider means the costs of the lockers as well as installation are taken care of.

2. Additional revenue stream – revenue share locker systems create an ongoing revenue stream for venues with both casual visitors and members. For venues where the majority of users will be casual visitors (theme parks, airports, shopping centres, casinos) the lockers can be accessed via coins, notes or credit cards. For venues with members (gyms, sports centres, universities), the cost can be factored into the membership fees, and can be accessed by membership cards.

3. Less hassle – regular servicing, including wireless online access to the system together with damage repair is included as part of the revenue share agreement, meaning less resources spent on upkeep. Troubleshooting is also provided to the venue, and with no ongoing operational costs the venue is able to provide a better locker service with less hassle.

4. Space saving – as lockers are set to a time-frame for members of 2-3 hours, and casual visitors pay by the hour to use the lockers, the number of lockers and amount of space required to house them is greatly reduced. This coupled with a final entry question allowing the user to vacate the locker before expiry of hire, at which time it can utilized again, are some of the innovations provided by the company.

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