Retirement village's hydrotherapy pool floor safety overhaul

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9 January 2012
Retirement village's hydrotherapy pool floor safety overhaul

The slip resistance of the hydrotherapy pool area of this Anglican retirement village got management concerned.

The pool surrounds were resurfaced less than a year ago. Unfortunately, the new surface slip resistive quality did not live up to expectation.

Global Safe Technologies Australia got involved with the project when an independent slip resistance testing of the surface by Safe Environments has failed during the second part of year.

A Global Safe representative attended the site and after inspection, provided management with a comprehensive report regarding to current floor safety status and the requirements of the relevant Australian Slip Resistance standards and proposed a sustainable environmentally friendly solution for the retirement village.

The Supa Safe product speckle coated version was proposed by Global Safe due to its proven and very high sustainable slip resistance in a swimming pool environment. The Supa Safe product has gone through extensive testing using the accelerated wear testing method. The test results have shown the product has a very high and sustainable slip resistive quality, and very likely to provide a long term solution for the hydrotherapy pool.

At another facility a recent test of an 18 month old swim pool surrounds has shown that the very high slip resistive quality of the original surface has been retained. To alleviate any concern regarding to how well the surface will retain its slip resistance, Global has also offered its industry unique independent slip testing not only immediately after the resurfacing application but also in another 6 month’s time, then in another 12 months time, as part of the solution.

As negotiations with the original supplier did not come to a satisfactory conclusion, management has decided to go ahead with the Global Safe proposal, having the pool ready before Christmas. A team of accredited installers carried out the work and has completed the work within the two days as planned, ensuring that only a minimal inconvenience is caused to the residents of the village.

The new surface then been independently tested by a NATA accredited slip resistance company. The test results came up to expectation and showed that the new anti slip flooring now has a Very Low notional contribution of the floor surface to the risk of slipping when wet.

Global Safe and its accredited applicators are the only ones on the market offering an independent slip resistance testing as part of of any commercial project. This test is very important to our clients for two reasons;

  • It provides an independent quality assurance that the anti slip work completed is compliant with the relevant slip resistance standards.
  • It provides the necessary documentation for the client in case of an unlikely event of a slip and fall happening on the surface.

The retirement village and the hydrotherapy pool management as well as residents are very satisfied with the entire outcome and have provided positive feedback. They communicated their total satisfaction with the quality of the workmanship and the professionalism and decication of the application team during the entire project.

Global Safe has also offered its industry unique Surface safety Risk Management Program© as part of the solution, at no additional cost, which the retirement village has taken up. This program includes regular inspections and reporting of the surface condition for commercial clients.

Global Safe is offering a unique, sustainable and mainly environmentally friendly remedial and disability solution range for virtually all surfaces and situations. The solutions provided by the company are also being used at thousands of locations throughout various parts of the world via the Global Safety Surfaces Network© members.

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