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21 July 2010

DecoWood™ Western Red Cedar windows and doors were effectively combined with stone cladding on a home in Wollongong, NSW to create a natural look.

The home owner was delighted with the result: “It looks so much like wood, and everyone who comes over thinks it’s wood,” she said.

The windows and doors would be facing direct sunlight all year round, making timber an unsuitable option considering the maintenance requirements.

The windows and doors were from the Capral Genesis range, sourced from local supplier Sassall (now Fin Aluminium) in Wollongong.

“When we first looked at using DecoWood™, the guys at Sassall told us to check out the DecoWood™ at Bombora Seafood Restaurant down the road. We had always thought the owners there were pretty silly for putting wood in right next to the harbour, but the DecoWood™ has been there for four years and still looks fantastic,” the home owner said.

Visit the DecoWood™ website for more information about Australia’s leading wood grain finish on aluminium.

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