Reapor acoustic panels in Gold Coast University Hospital, QLD

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1 May 2012
Reapor acoustic panels in Gold Coast University Hospital, QLD
Reapor acoustic panels soundproof the cooling towers in the Gold Coast University Hospital, QLD.

Reapor is a new acoustic panel that gives specifiers flexibility to control noise without restrictions in application created by weather, environmental or fire issues.

On a recent project Reapor panel was easily installed using c-channel as the structure. The resulting construction created an outdoor noise enclosure surrounding the Central Energy Plant Building on the Gold Coast University Hospital Project at Southport Queensland.

Reapor, a soundproofing panel made from recycled glass, is not only superior in its ability to absorb noise energy but also in its resistance to damage or deterioration from the elements. As such, it has outstanding noise control performance in extreme weather. Reapor is non-combustible, making it fire-safe for use in any building application. It is free of chemicals harmful to the environment or to the building occupier, and it’s both recycled and recyclable.

Reapor reuses bottle glass in a process that creates glass granules whose controlled porosity gives each granule outstanding acoustic absorption in its own right. A patented process fuses the granules into a homogeneous panel boasting exceptional absorptive performance (NRC 0.90/50mm). Further, the fusing process dispenses with the need for binders which can release Volatile Organic Compounds and in the event of fire produce smoke.

Being non-combustible (tested to meet DIN 4102 A1) Reapor is the soundproofing panel of choice for today’s specifiers facing tougher fire codes or potential weather issues. Reapor is particularly suited for schools, hospitals, aged-care facilities, plant rooms, substations, exit ways, smoking areas, stairwells, airports and other transport terminals.

This unique product, which comes in panels 625 x 625 x 50mm, will give long life outdoors and indoors. The rigid, durable material is unaffected by weather, is lightweight, workable with conventional woodworking tools, easy to clean and repair, fibre free and safe to use. Moreover, Reapor exemplifies Pyrotek Noise Control’s commitment to exceed and stay ahead of growing community expectations for superior and innovative soundproofing products that have zero impact on the environment throughout their life cycle while delivering outstanding results.

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