Raven seals can save $2 million in maintenance bills!

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9 April 2014
Raven seals can save $2 million in maintenance bills!
Flight Simulator at Adelaide Flight Training.

Adelaide Flight Training is home to some of the most sophisticated flight simulators in the country, training pilots from around the world for airlines including Virgin Australia, Cathay Pacific and more. These flight training simulators costing upwards of $5 million are so realistic and accurate that they count as real airtime for upcoming pilots. However, what happens to these sophisticated machines when they get dust in them? A costly maintenance and repair bill of around $2 million per year!

Raven, the experts in door and window sealing, provided a low cost sealing system solution. A combination of Raven door bottom seals, threshold plates and perimeter seals were used to seal the simulator room doors from airborne dust that was leaking in around the perimeter of each door assembly. Whilst solving the initial problem of dust, the Raven sealing systems also provided vermin protection, energy efficiency and acoustic benefits to each doorway.

Raven door and window seals can reduce energy loss by up to 15%, while Raven acoustic seals provide a barrier to airborne sound helping to ensure the acoustic attenuation of the wall and door assembly is fully maximized.

Established in 1950, Raven is an Australian family owned and operated company that continue to develop innovative and world leading door and window sealing systems for architects, designers, engineers and builders. Raven is also backed by the highest quality and service excellence to international standard ISO9001.

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