Pyrotek research surprises at ICA conference

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11 January 2011
Pyrotek research surprises at ICA conference
Michael Latimer presented research findings to the International Congress on Acoustics in Sydney.

The shape of contoured acoustic foams makes relatively little difference to its noise attenuation.

This was a surprise conclusion to a paper presented at the 20th International Congress on Acoustics (ICA) in Sydney late last year by Pyrotek Noise Control technical manager, Michael Latimer.

In addition to announcing his surprise findings to the world’s acousticians, Michael shared the honour of co-chairing conference sessions on architectural acoustics with his brother, Richard Latimer, Pyrotek’s marketing manager, who also presented a paper on a new type of porous sound absorber.

Michael’s paper, which was written with colleagues from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, reported on investigations into some common practices and assumptions about foam absorbers. Specifically the work challenged the belief that foam with surface shapes such as pyramids and corrugations absorb more sound due to their greater surface areas. Michael’s research, however, showed that the shape of the foam made little difference. The thickness of the foam was a more important factor, and painting the foam changed sound absorption only slightly.

Fabric covers do provide a useful increase in absorption, it was found.

The subject of the paper presented by Richard Latimer was a new porous sound absorber, Reapor. The paper described how the product combines two existing common technologies (cellular and fibrous absorbers) using recycled glass which is formed into beads and bonded into a panel. This results in many benefits, including high sound absorption, in a product that is non-combustible, rigid, durable, a hundred percent recyclable and quick to install.

Commenting on their role in the ICA, Richard says “The technical program was of a very high standard and both papers were very well received, giving Pyrotek Noise Control great exposure on the world stage.”

The ICA is held every three years and provides the opportunity for the world’s leading acousticians to meet and share their expert knowledge.

Copies of the full papers are available on the news page of Pyrotek Noise Control’s website.

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