PyroGuard 40 your home this summer for bushfire season

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30 September 2011
PyroGuard 40 your home this summer for bushfire season

With the harsh Aussie bushfire season almost upon us, new home builders and renovators are rightly concerned about choosing materials to protect their homes and families.

The builder/renovator market also need to ensure that all materials meet the strict new Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) standards introduced after the devastating Black Saturday fires.

Australia’s largest glass manufacturer, Viridian, has created Viridian PyroGuard 40™, Australia’s only Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40 fire safe glass, meeting the necessary standards in the high risk, bush fire prone areas.

“During a fire, PyroGuard™ 40’s ultra-thin transparent coating minimises the flow of radiated heat through windows, providing greater protection for homes during bushfires” says Justin Jays, Viridian’s Residential Marketing Manager.

“Home owners are also very much concerned with the look of their homes, and thankfully installing Viridian PyroGuard™ 40 will mean they can avoid using unattractive bushfire resistant shutters or metal screens on their homes.”

Virdian’s Pyroguard 40™ is a specially processed insulated glass unit that also has the added benefit of reducing noise and increasing thermal performance for improved comfort, and saving on heating and cooling costs all year round.

PyroGuard 40™ can be purchased as part of a wooden or UPVC window system from Miglas windows and Profine stockists.

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