Pryda cyclonic grips used in Exmouth Escape resort design

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10 June 2015
Pryda cyclonic grips are being used in the Exmouth Escape resort project

Pryda's cyclonic grips, specially designed to tie-down roof trusses to wall frames in cyclone-prone areas, are now being used in the construction of 24 villas in the Exmouth Escape Resort project in northwest Western Australia.

Each villa consists of a one-bedroom and two-bedroom unit under the one roof. They are being constructed by Pryda’s truss and frame manufacturer WA Spantruss at their East Rockingham facility, before being transported in sections by road to Exmouth.

The new Exmouth Escape Resort villas were inadvertently tested under cyclonic conditions when Cyclone Olwyn hit the town in March 201 – and came through with flying colours. One of the buildings was still under construction and so the steel base frame was temporarily welded to the bearers while it rode out the storm.

WA Spantruss builds each 10 metre by 10 metre villa in its assembly yard with the roof constructed in two parts, a cap and a lower section. The building itself is transported in three sections, one for the one-bedroom and an additional two for the two-bedroom unit. According to Mr Van Der Stoep, WA Spantruss prefers using Pryda Cyclonic Grips in cyclone-prone areas because they are economical, compact, lightweight and with their rounded edges, extremely safe for installers to use.


Pryda is a design and production systems supplier to its licensed roof truss, floor truss and wall frame fabricators. They are recognized for their innovative, building code compliant timber connector products and truss systems.

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