Protect from bushfire ember attack with Raven Seals

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3 February 2015
Protect from bushfire ember attack with Raven Seals

AS3959:2009 specifies the construction requirements of buildings in designated bushfire prone areas to improve their resistance against bushfire attack. 

There are 6 BAL’s (Bushfire Attack Levels) that are used to determine the required construction from BAL-Low (no threat) to BAL-12.5, BAL- 19, BAL-29, BAL-40 and up to BAL-FZ (high threat). 

Ember attack is one of the most common ways a building can catch fire during a bushfire with embers collecting in the window frames and doorways making it imperative these elements of the building are up to Australian Standard. 

To achieve the various BAL’s, appropriate door and window seals in conjunction with an approved system can be used. 

Raven Door & Window seals are designed, manufactured, tested and certified to the highest standards with products and systems that meet the various BAL’s. 

It is easy to select and specify the correct product or sealing system with the Raven catalogue and website which show the various products suitable for all new and retrofit work. 

Raven door & window sealing systems with a perimeter seal used in conjunction with a door bottom seal and threshold plate, also complies with NCC BCA Pt. & J3.4 for Building Sealing and Energy Efficiency achieving a fully compliant sealing system. 

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