Premium car brands in new light – Riller & Schnauck Group

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17 August 2015
Premium car brands in new light – Riller & Schnauck Group
Two previously installed vertical 1000 W HIT floodlights have now been replaced with WE-EF PFL240 LED 144 W luminaires.

Since the end of last year, Berlin's “ferraristi” and Ferrari enthusiasts wishing to join the owners' club have had a new meeting point in Berlin. The Riller & Schnauck Group opened their new Ferrari showroom in Berlin-Steglitz in December 2014.

The sports cars from Maranello have been part of the Group's portfolio since March 2013, joining other premium brands like BMW, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover. Founder and Managing Director Kurt Schnauck considers the opening of their own Ferrari showroom a milestone in the company's history. The new build on the subsidiary's premises in Berlin-Steglitz provided a welcome opportunity to consider a new lighting solution for the open-air forecourt. About ten years prior, WE-EF had implemented the lighting for the outdoor area and since satisfied customers tend to return, WE-EF has now been commissioned to upgrade the lighting.

Previously two vertical floodlights, each fitted with one 1000 W HIT lamp, illuminated the open-air show lot from the side. These will now be replaced with WE-EF PFL240 LED luminaires, providing even illumination of the area. The customer not only chose to upgrade the lamp technology, but also to install new post top luminaires in the centre of the space. Each 8m-high post in the centre of the show lot is topped with two luminaires, whilst the 10m-high posts at the perimeter are also fitted with two luminaires each. This project was carried out using 48 LEDs and 144 W power consumption. The [A60] lens generates an asymmetric “forward throw” distribution. On the posts in the centre of the area, the luminaires are offset by 180°, whereas at the perimeter they were aligned with one another at a 90° angle. Overall the entire open-air showroom is illuminated evenly and without generating glare that could dazzle passing traffic or neighbours.


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