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10 August 2016
To help electricians, builders and specifiers, Breezway has published the Powerlouvre Electrician’s Guide.

The design of the automated Altair Powerlouvre Window was based, in one aspect, on the humble light bulb. A light bulb can be controlled in a number different ways because it is designed to simply turn on when power is supplied to it and turn off when no power is supplied to it. 

Similarly, an Altair Powerlouvre Window is designed to open when 24V of DC power is supplied in one polarity, and to close when power is supplied in the opposite polarity. Provided this basic principle is followed, Altair Powerlouvre Windows can be controlled by wiring them to simple ‘open’ and ‘close’ switches, or can be integrated into more complicated switching systems that operate the Powerlouvre Windows in response to sensors, timers and switches.

To help electricians, builders and specifiers, Breezway has published the “Powerlouvre Electrician’s Guide” which contains all the key information, instructions and diagrams.

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Breezway manufactures Altair Louvre Windows in glass, timber and aluminium. They are energy and cyclone rated and suitable for multi-storey applications.

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