Power supply compliance

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12 October 2011
Power supply compliance

As we all know most products in Australia (especially electrical products) require approvals. M-Elec has now improved customer satisfaction by going one step further to comply with new standards being introduced next year.

A new identification mark is being introduced across Australia in mid 2012. It will combine ‘C-tick’, ‘EMC’, and Safety Approval into one simple identification.

C-Tick is the round logo (image 1) this and is a mark to show that this product will not cause electronic/electromagnetic interference (EMC).

Specific electronic/electrical products that are brought into Australia must carry an identification mark (image 2) together with an identification number which allows anyone to find details of suppliers who have been registered with the government body Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The Safety approval number will also be included in the new symbol making identification much easier for all consumers. These identification and compliance marks will be able to come under the one logo known as Regulatory Compliance Mark or ‘RCM’. It will look similar to this and will have a number underneath to identify the supplier.

Look out for M-Elec’s new identification mark (RCM) on our range of power supplies in the upcoming months, we have done this to be on top of standards coming up in the near future. M-Elec’s LED drivers are high quality in design, function and reliability.

For example M-Elec’s product ML-D1590 (LED downlight) has all approvals necessary for supply and installation throughout Australia and many other countries around the world.

  • C-tick: N17962
  • Safety approval for driver: SAA111525
  • Approval for the flex and plug: N15075/N18070

All EMC, CE, safety reports and certificates are available upon request.

M-Elec is committed to supply products that are safe, reliable and perform well in the Australian climate.

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