Portable Partitions Australia launch new acoustic portable room

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3 October 2014
Portable Partitions Australia launch new acoustic portable room
7 panel mix'n'match fabric and polycarbonate acoustic portable room divider.

Portable Partitions Australia (PPA), the market leading supplier of portable room divers, mobile partitions, privacy screens and temporary movable walls have today launched a new Acoustic Portable Room Divider.

Engineered acoustic panels manufactured from a honeycomb cell core, fibreglass sheets on both sides and specialist acoustic fabric have been used to create a superior acoustic performance.

The 360 Acoustic Portable Room Divider utilises articulating hinges that allow full rotation of each panel to allow easy manipulation and infinite configurations including zig-zag, L-shape, curved and straight line. Available in range of lengths (2.59 m to 9.30 m), heights (1.83 m to 2.29 m) and colours.

The portable room divider can be used to split or reconfigure existing spaces into smaller parallel spaces to make better use of a larger space. The resulting new spaces can then be used for a variety of activities and functions.

Customisation options are available to allow company logos or artwork to be printed directly onto the room divider panels to create a unique look and finish.

An ideal solution for creating a temporary meeting room, splitting a room, creating a consultation booth, a simple privacy screen, a waiting room or even a mobile gallery. Common application areas include schools, gyms, classrooms, offices, warehouses, residential, pharmacies, churches, retail stores, hospitality venues and many more.

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