Polycarbonate performs in the FIRST Robotics Competition

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4 December 2015
Polycarbonate performs in the FIRST Robotics Competition
Polycarbonate replace aliminium.

In 2015 Allplastics provided clear polycarbonate sheets to the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) for Team 4613, Barker Redbacks. Due to the outstanding toughness and machinability, polycarbonate was an exceptional choice for the robot systems.

Alastair Pilley, one of the students of the team commented,-

“This year, the robots had a weight limit of 120 lbs or 54.4 kg and we were able to replace parts made from 3 mm thick aluminium plate with parts made from 3 mm thick polycarbonate that enabled us to reduce the weight of this system by 2 kg with no noticeable reduction in strength.”

He continued,-

 “The polycarbonate components remained intact after four competitions, and hundreds of hours of practise. The durability of the Polycarbonate meant that in the heat of competition the parts could be relied on and gave us a significant competitive advantage on and off the field.”

In addition to that polycarbonate has good chemical resistance to most solvents and cleaners, high electrical insulation and outstanding weatherability. Allplastics offer the colours clear, opal and tints.

Allplastics stock polycarbonate sheets in UV grade, ballistic grade and MAR resistant grade for heavy duty applications. In addition Hardcoat polycarbonate mirror is supplied for security related projects. Polycarbonate tubes and rods are also stocked in various sizes.

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