Playing games with transparency and mirror effects

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11 May 2011
Playing games with transparency and mirror effects
Metamorphosis glass “Mirona” from SCHOTT at the fashion boutique Horstmann & Sander in Hanover.

SCHOTT expands its range of “Mirona” semi-transparent special glass products

Effective immediately, “Mirona”, the metamorphosis glass from SCHOTT, will be available in three new versions. The technology group will now be able to meet the unique demands of users in the areas of architecture, interior design, lighting and entertainment even better. All of these versions appear as a transparent pane of glass in front of an illuminated background but then turn into a silvery mirror in front of a dark surface.

“Alternating between reflection and transmission offers vast potential for architects, designers and shop fitters, but also for use in the lighting and consumer electronics industries,” says Matthias Anton, Product Manager for Architecture & Design at SCHOTT AG. “In order to be able to satisfy these different areas of application, we continued developing a variety of different versions of ‘Mirona’ based on customer inquiries and market analysis.”

The new types of metamorphosis glass have been given the names “Mirona” High Reflective, High Reflective GREY and Beamsplitter. In all these versions, SCHOTT achieves the characteristic effect by applying a razor- thin titanium oxide coating that is then burned into the mineral glass. Thanks to its unique type of refraction, this so-called optical interference layer plays games with reflection and transmission.

As in “Mirona” Standard, this same type of coating has also been applied to both sides of “Mirona” High Reflective. Due to the changes that were made to the coating technique, this product reflects the light to an even higher extent than the standard version. This enhances the silvery mirror finish, an aspect that designers and architects can make use of in

designing the façades or partitions, for example. “Mirona” High Reflective is also perfectly suited for use in the cover panels of televisions and data display devices. When these devices are in an idle state, the pane looks like a mirror. When they are turned on e.g. the pane is illuminated from behind, it suddenly turns transparent.

The version “Mirona” High Reflective GREY, in which the coating has been applied to grey float glass, offers an interesting alternative to the newly-developed “Mirona” High Reflective with its white background.

With “Mirona” Beamsplitter, SCHOTT is now bringing its third new development to market, a special glass with an even more intensive mirror effect. To achieve this, the technology group applies a highly reflective coating to one side of the glass pane and an anti-reflective coating to the other. This version is also of interest to the lighting industry for use as a light cover because it results in hardly any disturbing double reflections. Thanks to the combination of anti-reflective and highly reflective coatings, it is also particularly well-suited for use in displays in consumer electronics, such as cover panels for televisions or teleprompters. When used with a teleprompter, the highly reflective side of the glass serves as a projection screen, from which the speaker can read his text and yet still look into the camera. The camera can still film through the glass from the anti-reflective side without creating any annoying reflections.

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