Photovoltaic ventilated facade case study shows energy savings

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12 May 2015
Photovoltaic ventilated facade case study shows energy savings
Over 4,000 square metres of facade panels were installed on this building in Avila, Spain.

A study was done on photovoltaic panels on a 4,000 square metre facade of a building in Avila, Spain.

The results were that 8,207 kilowatt hours were generated in a year, which represents a 32 percent contribution to the total energy consumption of the building.

The insulation properties of the ventilated facade also meant that 53 percent of the yearly energy needs of the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning was saved. Throughout the service life of the building, the amount that is recouped through the work of the photovoltaic panels comes to 30 times the original investment.

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