Outdoor lighting: how to set up an outdoor lighting system

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15 April 2013
Outdoor lighting: how to set up an outdoor lighting system

If you’re lucky enough to own a house with a large lawn, garden or backyard, then you’ll know that outdoor lighting is going to be a big issue. It’s always a good idea to keep a few lights switched on outside, and it’s not just because you’re showing off your beautiful landscape at night.

Here are a few tips on setting up a good outdoor lighting system.


Make sure the types of light you choose are weather proof. Most hardware and construction supply stores offer lights that are specifically made for outdoor use. The bulb is protected with a strong plastic or metal casing to protect it. If you don’t want to place the light on the ground, you can always hang them. Hanging outdoor lights are easier to install and maintain compared to the ground-install ones.


Don’t limit yourself to the common cool or warm light bulbs. Most types of bulbs, even LEDs are sold in different colours so you can definitely play around and be creative with your landscaping. Sometimes, the right coloured light could turn a garden from beautiful to amazing, so check which colour works the best.


You’ll also want to play around with the brightness. Get something that’s bright enough to light up the area, but leave some space to play around with the brightness and shadows. Remember, outdoor lighting not only helps keep your landscape looking good, it also helps keep you protected since your house is well lit from the outside.


Lastly, you’ll want to use a light bulb that can last a long time. You don’t want to constantly monitor the lights and change them after a few months. Get something that’s going to last you a long time, like an LED bulb.

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