Onyx Solar BiPV used at Sir Zelman Cowan building

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17 November 2016
Onyx Solar BiPV products, specified by Kane Constructions, supply 4.32kWp of power to the rooftop teaching area at the new Sir Zelman Cowan building .

Onyx Solar’s Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) products were specified by Kane Constructions for the rooftop teaching area of the new Sir Zelman Cowan building at Melbourne’s Scotch College, supplying 4.32kWp of solar-generated power to the area. The amorphous silicon technology can expect to add over 15% more kW hours due to the ability of the cell to generate energy in diffuse light conditions. This means the glass solar panels will continue to work during Victoria's changeable weather, albeit at a reduced output.

For the same project, Cox Architects specified the integration of amorphous silicon into a shelter, with a visible light transmission (VLT) of 20%. The amorphous silicon cell from Onyx Solar's factory in Spain provides an even distribution of light to the area below, giving a tinted glass look to the panels.

Another benefit of the amorphous silicon technology is the ability to reject heat-gain during warm days, enabling spaces and internal rooms to become more useable and less reliant on cooling when integrated into a facade or building structure.

Interest is continually growing in the Onyx Solar BiPV products, which can be 100% customized to suit the needs of a project.

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