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13 May 2016
Custom Graphic Laminated Curved Glass features at The Old Clare Hotel

Vibrant graphic curved glass created by Bent and Curved Glass Pty Ltd is the star of the revamp of a heritage bar on the fringe of Sydney’s CBD.

The Old Clare Hotel is the result of a five-year project combining a 1939 Art Deco Pub with the Victorian era 1915 CUB Headquarters in a contemporary but heritage respecting transformation designed by Tonkin Zulaika Greer Architects ( TZG).

The illuminated glass clad oval bar is the centrepiece of the reincarnated original pub bar space. The amber tones of the glass are designed to reference the history of the site formerly housing the Tooth & Co. Brewery. The golden colours representing KB Lager, Kent Old Brown and Reschs beer and beer bottles.

BCG worked closely with TZG Architects and the installation contractor, Wellfix Glass, to successfully implement the design concept.

Glass colours were selected following exhaustive sampling and assessment in lightbox mockups. BCG has custom laminated clear curved and flat glass by encapsulating a coloured printed insert with EVA interlayers. Clear to the front and a diffusing White opaque to the rear of the insert.

112 individual pieces of curved and flat glass have been meticulously face-glazed into the recesses of the industrial style steel structure of the Bar and Reception Counter elements on the ground floor street level. The patterned layouts create a lively retro ambience.

The finished project has received critical and popular acclaim and has become a key element in the success of the new Kensington Street Precinct entertainment area just off Broadway.

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Bent and Curved Glass Pty Ltd manufactures all forms of curved and custom flat glass for a broad range of architectural applications throughout Australia.

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