Now even more powerful and flexible with ASI® modules

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30 May 2012
Now even more powerful and flexible with ASI® modules
SCHOTT offers thin-film modules with up to 64 Watt peak per square meter of active surface.

Effective immediately, architects can benefit from more efficient ASI® thin-film modules that offer both functional and aesthetic qualities for new buildings and energy-saving renovation of façades. Thanks to an improved manufacturing process, the performance has been increased from 42 to 64 Watt peak per square meter of active surface compared to previous modules. At the same time, custom formats that suit individual façade grids are also possible.

These high-performance thin-film elements demonstrate extremely high energy performance even when very little light is available. ASI® modules come in opaque (ASI® OPAK) and semi-transparent (ASI® THRU) designs and thus allow for architectural solutions that fulfill a variety of functions in modern solar architecture, including aesthetics, shade and power generation. The ASI® architecture modules are available for fast delivery in customized sizes of up to 2 x 4 meters and larger formats upon request. The technology group SCHOTT and EBENER® Fassaden-Profiltechnik from Bad Marienberg, Germany, a company that is active throughout Europe, are leveraging synergies in the areas of façade claddings and building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) to cooperate in the area of ASI® modules.

Here, Ebener is contributing its know-how on integrating solar modules into façades, including a special technique that the company has developed for bonding ASI® elements with mounting fixtures. SCHOTT is the partner on ventilated and warm curtain walls with ASI® OPAK, ASI® THRU 10% and ASI® 20% as either laminated or insulating glass. This cooperation between the two companies thus makes it possible for architects to choose from a wide variety of extremely attractive façade solutions.

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