No glue, no problems – new Altro XpressLay

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21 January 2011
No glue, no problems – new Altro XpressLay

Leading flooring manufacturer Altro has launched Altro XpressLay™ – a revolutionary new safety flooring which can be installed without the use of adhesive.

Altro XpressLay is the first ever safety floor which can be installed using tape rather than traditional contact adhesive, making it extremely quick and easy to fit. It can be laid over existing problem surfaces such as vinyl tiles or flaky painted floors, helping to save the time, cost and disruption associated with removing the existing subfloor.

“Altro XpressLay once again demonstrates Altro’s innovative and pioneering approach, and proves that the future really is safer with Altro”, says Warwick Duncan, Altro marketing manager. “As the name implies, XpressLay is all about speed and convenience.”

With no hard-to-remove adhesive required, XpressLay is ideal for retailers where regular refurbishments are neccessary, or in installations where ‘making good’ might prove difficult.

The unique profiled underside means that Altro XpressLay can be used on fresh concrete sub floors up to 97% relative humidity, meaning there is no need to wait for a new sub floor to reach 75% RH, nor is there any need to apply a surface damp-proof membrane.

Using Altro XpressLay means that you are assisting the environment too. With up to 10% recycled material content, it is also 100% recyclable. And because there is no adhesive it is cheaper and more environmentally-friendly to lay. Altro XpressLay can be used in temporary installations, and then re-used elsewhere.

Achieving a slip resistance of R10, Altro XpressLay offers the uncompromising protection against slips and trips which Altro’s safety flooring is known for.

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