New Wire Cage Lights from Aëon Illumination

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8 July 2013
New Wire Cage Lights from Aëon Illumination
New Klec & Lule Wire Cage pendant lights.

The ever expanding Aëon Illumination lighting collection now has two new products. The Klec and the Lule are decorative, feature pendant lights which celebrate the minimal yet industrial aesthetic. The vintage wire details create decorative shadow play when suspended near surfaces. Change up the style by putting in various lamps including old style Edison filament lamps, eco-halogens, compact fluorescent lamps or bring it into today with decorative LED lamps. Available electrical flex colours are red, black, white and clear. Note: Lamps are not included.


Satelight specialises in contemporary lighting for commercial and residential spaces. The collection includes lamps, pendants and wall light fixtures.

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