New thermally tempered SCHOTT NARIMA®

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16 March 2012
New thermally tempered SCHOTT NARIMA®
The thermally tempered, weatherproof color effect glass NARIMA® for aesthetic façade installations.

The thermally tempered, weatherproof color effect glass NARIMA® allows for aesthetic, filigree façade installations.

The technology group SCHOTT has now developed a thermally tempered, weatherproof version of its color effect glass NARIMA®. The new, Tempered SCHOTT NARIMA® extends the application possibilities for both architects and designers. In façades, for example, the color effect glass can now be not only put to use as insulated glass, but also in architectural fins or point mounted installations. This is made possible by tempering this glass, which still offers enough stability for these types of façade installations. The fact that a façade can be designed to be more filigree and thus look more attractive represents yet another advantage that this solution offers.

Tempered NARIMA® can be used as monolithic panes to allow for cost-effective integration into façade projects. It can also be processed into insulated glass units. This allows for additional functions like thermal insulation or sun protection to be achieved with this version. When used in the interior of a building, in doors, partitions or balustrades, for example, this thermally tempered glass gives these rooms a high recognition value.

Architects, glass processors, and designers rely on the attractive, iridescent dichroic color effect glass NARIMA® to create fascinating and eye-catching color impressions. In fact, the color impression oscillates and sets visual accents with an impressive depth effect, depending on how the light happens to be shining and where the observer is standing. This is made possible by the extremely thin, high and low refractive interference layers used in this glass. NARIMA® is therefore ideal for use in representative buildings to make them look completely unique.

SCHOTT offers the dichroic color effect glass NARIMA® in the six colours blue-gold, blue-green, green, yellow, may green, and orange. Special colours are available upon request.

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