New Shed 17 Studio Scissor pendant lights

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22 May 2014
New Shed 17 Studio Scissor pendant lights
Shed 17 – Studio Scissor pendant lights.

Vintage industrial, Satelight has found the latest in, 'What's old is new,' using authentic industrial light fixtures or their contemporary counterparts and combining the scissor mechanism suspension system to create these cool, old-school photographer's lights.

The zigzag suspension design truly adds to the industrial look and a great looking feature.

These adjustable lights are perfect when you need to have a little flexibility in what you want to illuminate. The rotating head also allows you to adjust the beam's direction.

Extending to over two metres in suspension length, these industrial light fittings are awesome to create a dynamic lighting installation.


Satelight specialises in contemporary lighting for commercial and residential spaces. The collection includes lamps, pendants and wall light fixtures.

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