New range of fall protection breathing apparatus harnesses

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16 February 2012
New range of fall protection breathing apparatus harnesses

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA, PROTECTA and UNILINE brands of fall protection equipment has announced the launch of their new DBI-SALA Delta™ REPEL™ Breathing Apparatus (BA) Full Body Harness Range. Our BA harnesses provide fall and breathing protection for a variety of industries where workers are required to carry out activities that involve simultaneous use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and full body harnesses, to protect against falls from height in contaminated atmospheres.

“The range consists of two models, the BA Harness and the BA Rescue/Escape Harness, ensuring users of a diverse range of SCBA equipment are protected from falls when working at height,” said Rick Millar, Technical Manager with Capital Safety Australia & New Zealand. “Belonging to the Delta Repel family of full body harnesses makes them ideal to endure the harsh conditions typically found in toxic and contaminated environments.”

Both models feature front and rear fall arrest rated D-rings, confined space retrieval/attachment points and stainless steel hardware. Constructed from REPEL™ technology webbing provides the added benefits of a high level of water resistance, a natural-self cleaning effect and a durable protective function; keeping them lightweight and comfortable all day long for the entire service life of the product.

The BA Harness integrates with large cylinder BA equipment and includes: a wide padded lower back/hip pad for added support and comfort, a dorsal extension for unhindered connections whilst using large tanks, and a combined shoulders, back and waist protection pad with attachment straps to redistribute the weight of the cylinder to the hips, taking pressure off the back and shoulders whilst ensuring the air tanks and hoses are held securely in place. The BA Rescue/Escape harness integrates with the smaller cylinders and incorporates: a hip mounted escape cylinder bag for compliance to confined space standards, a rear tail strap to hold BA pigtail connection in place when connected to an external air supply, and air line attachment straps to keep the hose in place.

DBI-SALA’s i-Safe™ intelligent safety system utilising RFID technology is built into each Breathing Apparatus Harness to track inspections, control inventory and manage information.

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