New Onyx solar factory begins operating in Avila, Spain

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12 May 2015
New Onyx solar factory begins operating in Avila, Spain
The new factory in Avila, Spain, will allow the company to produce 140,000 square metres of photovoltaic glass each year.

A new factory of Onyx Solar in Avila, Spain, will allow the company to have an annual production of photovoltaic glass at 140,000 square metres a year and will create 60 jobs.

The relocation of the manufacturing facility in Ávila, where Onyx Solar headquarters is located, reinforces the strategy of Onyx Solar in promoting growth and wealth of the region where it was founded.

Founded in 2009, Onyx Solar has managed to overcome the national economic crisis thanks to its strong commitment to internationalization and innovation. Today it has completed projects in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco and China. The company has also collaborated with some of the most renowned architects such as Norman Foster, Rafael Viñoly, Ricardo Bofill and Adrian Smith. Furthermore, Onyx Solar has an international network of distributors on five continents that reinforces its presence around the world. Its clients include some of the most prominent companies on the international scene such as Coca-Cola, Samsung Novartis and Pzifer.

The most important milestones of the company include the patent of the world’s first walkable photovoltaic floor which was installed at George Washington University and has received numerous awards for its high degree of innovation and the execution of the largest photovoltaic skylight of the world integrated at the headquarters of the pharmaceutical company Novartis in New Jersey. This respective project, in collaboration with the installation of the Onyx Solar photovoltaic technology, was awarded the Best Project of New York 2014 in the category of sustainable building.

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