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24 June 2016
Schueco LightSkin - low energy, state-of-the-art LED lighting system for external building illumination.

Schueco LightSkin is a low-energy, state-of-the-art LED lighting system for illuminating the exterior of buildings. Highly efficient and very economical to run, it's a fully integrated solution that enables a building’s architectural features to be enhanced and appreciated at night.

Being an LED system, Schueco LightSkin combines minimum energy use with optimum light intensity and its maintenance costs are also significantly lower than alternatives such as halogen floodlighting because of the longer useful life of LED lights.

The system uses LED modules concealed within the glazing bead or vent profile to accentuate the shapes and textures of the windows or facades to great dramatic effect. Importantly, Schueco LightSkin causes almost no general light pollution thanks to the asymmetrical, ellipsoid radiation properties of the modules that distribute the light evenly onto the window units.

Colour temperature, spectrum and luminosity can all be individually controlled and coordinated, allowing the creation of a variety of truly spectacular effects. All wiring is completely concealed and a Schueco LightSkin system can be activated by external light sensors or by being included as part of a single building management system.

In addition to the wide variety of colour choices available – from warm white through to RGB combinations – Schueco LightSkin can be programmed to change colour continuously throughout its hours of operation.

Schueco LightSkin is sold as a complete solution providing everything from the LED modules through to the cables, converters and wiring from a single source, meaning that customers benefit from design reliability and cost certainty.

The system has simple wiring with series connection and is easy to install. Schueco LightSkin has a protection rating of IP65/68 and is exclusively available for use with Schueco profiles.

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