New IO-20 LED wallwash lens available for downlights

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3 July 2015
New IO-20 LED wallwash lens available for downlights
A DOC200 LED series downlight.

The illumination of vertical surfaces plays a key role when it comes to bringing an architectural space to life. It is the vertical illuminance on any given surface - smooth, textured or sculptured - that defines the spatial environment. An exterior facade, for example, can be made to glow, or to serve as an effective backdrop for the silhouetting of an architectural feature. For very practical applications, vertical illumination can be effectively used for orientation from highlighting signage to providing subtle yet clear visual guidance.

The WE-EF DAC200 and DOC200 series of exterior downlights are now available with the new IO-20 LED wallwash lens. Specifically developed for WE-EF’s medium beam LED optics, this factory-installed accessory provides outstanding uniformity and broad corner-to-corner coverage on facades and other vertical surfaces. A simple rule of thumb – the distance from the target surface, and the spacing between luminaires – is applied to determine lighting layout details for luminaires fitted with the IO-20 LED wallwash lens.


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