New HCDS Gaming Screens

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10 February 2014
New HCDS Gaming Screens
HCDS Gaming Screens at Central Hotel.

Gaming Screens are a new development for HCDS. HCDS Designer Screens are able to provide a privacy barrier and zone different sections of the hotels bar and gaming area with visual effect. HCDS Gaming Screens are a solution and provide a great alternative to having a solid wall or solid panel in a space. HCDS lasercut screens are becoming a popular alternative.

HCDS Designer Screens are not only functional, but visual and decorative. They are made to specifications and requirements of the space and can be manufactured in a variety of patterns, colours, and sizes. This means that the laser cut screens will fit and can be fixed to gaming machines neatly.

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HCDS manufactures and provides design solutions of laser cut screens & doors (and associated products) for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

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