New FLC100 LED series of architectural exterior lighting

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6 August 2013
New FLC100 LED series of architectural exterior lighting
FLC131 LED projector.

WE-EF maintains its excellent reputation in architectural exterior lighting with the FLC100 LED series.

The new FLC100 LED projectors are available with symmetric lens systems for wide, medium, very narrow and very narrow with sharp cut-off beam distributions, to address the many different requirements for the lighting of buildings and monuments etc.

One characteristic of all three installation sizes is the slim luminaire housing with integrated heat sinks. An important feature is the ability to further reduce size by detaching the control gear box and mounting these parts remotely. The largest of the new projectors, the FLC141 LED, offers a luminous flux of up to 3570 lumens.

The FLC100 LED projector family incorporates WE-EF's 5CE corrosion protection system and has a protection rating of IP66.


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