New ExoFit NEX™ – the next generation fall protection harness

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8 October 2010
New ExoFit NEX™ – the next generation fall protection harness
The new ExoFit NEXâ„¢ harness.

The ExoFit NEX™ harness provides first-of-its-kind features and benefits!

DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand solely dedicated to the fall protection market, has announced the launch of the world’s next generation harness in Australia: the ExoFit NEX™. A revolutionary technologically advanced full body harness with first-of-its-kind features and benefits that offers users the highest level of safety, comfort, function and durability that has never been experienced with a fall protection harness . . . until now!

“The original ExoFit™, the industry’s first premium comfort harness, changed workers’ attitudes about fall protection. With the ExoFit NEX™, we’re taking that to the next level,” said Rick Miller, Technical Manager for Capital Safety, Australia and New Zealand. “We’re turning the harness into a piece of equipment that workers will want to wear and that’s long-lasting. So we’re catering not only to the end-user, but to the safety director and purchasing department as well.”

The technologically advanced hardware allows for a one-time adjustment that stays in place throughout the day and improves safety by ensuring a snug fit. The Duo-Lok™ quick-connect buckles include a revolutionary locking mechanism to eliminate slippage and constant readjustment. The Revolver™ ratcheting torso adjustor features a winding adjustment that spools the webbing as the user adjusts the harness for a proper fit, locking into place and holding the adjustment, preventing slippage and eliminating excess webbing that can be hazardous near moving parts. Additional hardware includes breakaway moulded lanyard keepers that allow easy connection of any size snap hook that breaks away to avoid trip hazards and injury in a fall. The design of the Tech-Lite™ D-rings and buckles on the ExoFit NEX™ is unique to the fall protection industry. The hardware is constructed of aluminium, an alloy commonly used in military and aerospace applications that offers a higher level of security while reducing the overall weight of the harness to increase comfort.

The ExoFit NEX™ is constructed with REPEL™ Technology Webbing, providing extreme durability with up to five times more abrasion resistance and water repellence than previous generations of harnesses. The long-lasting webbing allows the harness to stay in service longer in even the harshest environments, while the water-repellence prevents absorption of water, keeping the harness lightweight and comfortable.

Hybrid comfort padding that is strategically located on the shoulders, back, hips and legs ensures the right balance of comfort and durability. This lightweight, breathable padding wicks away moisture, keeping the worker cool and dry. The padded belt on applicable models offers rigid belt loops to reduce abrasion as well as to protect webbing and stitching from the stress of tool pouches, prolonging the life of the product. The rigid loops also prevent equipment pouches from sagging and offer plenty of room for a variety of tool pouch sizes.

Additional features include reflective material throughout the harness that increases worker safety in low visibility environments, a stand-up dorsal D-ring to easily secure a connector, integrated suspension trauma straps for post fall-arrest comfort, a velcro® cover that protects the labels and i-Safe™ tag and positions them in an easy to access location, and a covered pocket with elastic sides that conveniently holds and protects a mobile phone, camera, MP3 player or other delicate items.

DBI-SALA’s i-Safe™ intelligent safety system utilising RFID technology is built into each harness in the ExoFit NEX™ fall protection range to track inspections, control inventory and manage information. All of the harnesses in the ExoFit NEX™ fall protection range meet all of the strict requirements of the AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 standard.

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