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11 January 2017
New freedom of creative lighting design in a linear arrangement: ERCO Compar recessed luminaires.

New freedom of creative lighting design in a linear arrangement: ERCO Compar recessed luminaires.

ERCO has developed the new Compar range of recessed luminaires with a striking linear design that delivers light distributions previously restricted to round or square ceiling apertures. As a result, Compar adds to the design options in typical recessed lighting applications such as foyers, circulation areas or conference rooms in administration buildings, restaurants or galleries whilst also meeting every ergonomic requirement for perfectly efficient lighting solutions in the office environment.

The Compar range of recessed lighting tools is able to implement differentiated lighting concepts in projects requiring a variety of functions and uses. For example, in a large office building areas such as the prestigious foyer, the lift lobby and corridors or the company restaurant need different lighting to the auditorium, conference rooms or shared offices. With its sleek linear aesthetic and integrated technology, Compar offers a wide range of lumen packages with variable distribution options and design details, providing the right lighting tool for every scenario. The result is an economic, creative lighting design based on a reliable and efficient concept.

Slim design with five light distributions
The ERCO luminaire system builds on a modular concept defined by specific parameters creating a logical system that gives the designer flexibility in the combination of different ERCO luminaires. Taking the same approach, Compar is available in the three lengths 120 mm, 210 mm and 390 mm, with a width of just 62 mm, each with twice as many LED lenses – and double the luminous flux – as the previous one, and in two wattages, resulting in six outputs from 630 lm to a powerful 4920 lm for high illuminances particularly in high rooms.

Extremely efficient lenses specially developed by ERCO shape the light of the LED modules into the rotationally symmetrical light distributions wide flood and extra wide flood, the asymmetrical light distribution wallwash for uniform vertical illuminance, and the two axially symmetrical distributions oval flood and oval wide flood. The new oval wide flood answers the stringent standards of workplace lighting.

Ergonomic office lighting in a striking linear design
In contrast to the oval flood lens which is designed in true alignment with the luminaire for the efficient illumination of corridors, ERCO has developed the new oval wide flood distribution, particularly for office workplaces. A single Compar luminaire with oval wide flood distribution provides ergonomic light of superior standard for up to four workplaces. Achieving superbly uniform illumination with cylindrical illuminances of 175 lx, and 300 lx or 500 lx on the work surface, as well as a UGR < 19, the new oval wide flood lens meets the requirements of EN 12464-1 for office workplaces. The extra wide flood lens, meanwhile, allows the luminaires in areas such as circulation zones or foyers to be spaced unusually far apart – saving both investment and operating costs.

Details that make the difference
The downlight characteristics of Compar are complemented by the powerful lens wallwashers adding vertical illuminance as an essential component of perception-orientated lighting design in a linear system. With a recess depth of 100 mm, the aluminium housing is quick and easy to install. Compar recessed luminaires are supplied with a covered mounting detail. Flush mounting frames are available as accessories, as are louvres in silver or black to enable Compar to blend with the architecture and ceiling design. Light colours include warm white (3000 K) and neutral white (4000 K), with control gear options covering switchable, phase-dimmable and DALI versions.

Offering a set of tools for a wide variety of lighting solutions, Compar presents itself as the new powerhouse for linear aesthetics in the ERCO product range – making it a welcome alternative to round and square downlights in recessed lighting concepts and to conventional linear luminaires and fluorescent lamps for the illumination of workplaces.

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