New ecmodular Wilderness Collection

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27 May 2014
New ecmodular Wilderness Collection
ecsolutions Tree – Oak shown here.

Welcome to the new ecmodular Wilderness Collection, an environmental and designer master piece in carpet, inspired by the textures and patterns of the natural world. Enliven your indoor space with seven distinct, organic designs and over 70 colour variations, carefully crafted to capture the beauty and simplicity of nature itself.

Our Palette, a range of 24 solid-colour carpet-tiles, forms the foundation and earth for your design. How it grows from there is up to you. Overlay these block colours with the fine grain Tree textures of Oak or Jacaranda, the distressed grooves of Bark Grapeseed or Silvergum, playful collections of Leaf Laurel or Maple, or the subtle Stick designs of Dogwood and Willow.

But it's not just their natural beauty that sets ecmodular carpet tiles apart. Each one is woven from our environmentally sustainable ecycle™ fibre, a recycled nylon solution comprising everything from discarded fishing nets and fabrics, to textile waste, fluff and industrial plastics.

Each tile is also supported by ecomfort®, our globally recognised, advanced cushion-backing system. Created from 90% post-consumer recycled content, every square-metre of this collection diverts 34 PET (600mL) drink bottles from landfill.

Feel the earth under your feet again. Take a walk through our new Wilderness Collection today.

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