New EchoHush makes spaces of great beauty and sound quality

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15 November 2010
New EchoHush makes spaces of great beauty and sound quality

EchoHush – just released by Pyrotek Noise Control – breaks new ground in the provision of an acoustic panel product that enables the architect or designer to enhance both a space’s sound quality and its aesthetics.

EchoHush invites designers to apply their own creativity through choice of colour and selection of design for Pyrotek to craft into acoustic panels that will fulfil the artistic vision for the spaces being created.

In the new trademarked brand’s two forms – EchoHush Profile and EchoHush Metro – this customisable aspect makes EchoHush a stand-out option for restaurants, public areas, hallways, showrooms, corridors, home theatres, sports halls, kindergartens, lecture theatres, recording studios, office receptions, open plan offices, bars, church halls, science school rooms, cinemas, work areas, call centres, music rooms, nightclubs, practice rooms, public spaces and everywhere controlled sound response is expected from a habitable space.

EchoHush Profile panels are cut from combustion-modified acoustic foam before being treated then painted to the specifier’s colour choice.

Echohush Metro comprises metal panels router-milled to offer six design options produced to the specifier’s choice of colour and finish, with a framed cavity absorber.

The results are invariably stunning, expressing style through design and colour. Moreover, the use of EchoHush in sports halls and public areas often proves the more durable and robust option.

This is not to forget the primary function of EchoHush: to provide, along with the aesthetics, solutions to acoustic problems within a space.

Already Pyrotek Noise Control can point to projects in which EchoHush in both its main forms has enabled architects, interior designers and acoustic engineers to provide innovative designs enhancing a space’s aesthetic ambience as well as tuning the space’s acoustics to suit its function.

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