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12 February 2010

Introducing the new Earth Collection by Samsung Staron® Solid Surfaces. Inspired by the warm, calming neutral colours of nature and earth – the Earth Collection offers 13 new colours to the Staron® colour palette.

The new colours feature a selection of inviting neutrals, and appealing darks to suit any taste and mood and include:

  • Sanded Noir: A deep natural hue with fine light and dark particulates that emulate the colours of washed stone under a waterfall.
  • Sanded Chestnut: Organically coloured with a deep chestnut hue, and a hint of darker particles. Pebble Dark Green: A stone-inspired colour, featuring fine highlights of deep, dark mountain-top green.
  • Pebble Limestone: Captures the natural beauty of limestone, with fine neutral and larger crisp particulates.
  • Pebble Seastar: The colour element of sea sand has been captured, with the unexpected particles found in nature.
  • Pebble Chiffon: The crispness of the foam of the sea’s waves has been translated into this colour, with a hint of sandy particulates.
  • Pebble Buff: Combines the different colours found in the woods. With a natural and warm backdrop to light and crisp particulates.
  • Pebble Chocolate: Adopted by the deep hues of bark and timber. A rich colour with fine dark and lighter particulates for texture.
  • Aspen Milk: Inspired by the beauty of mist found deep in the rainforest, and the reflection of the sun. Aspen Stucco: Captures the magnifigance and soft shades of the clouds. Aspen Chemise: Emulates the freshness of snow, surrounded by the warmth of mountains. Aspen Putty: Recreates the different hues and aura of a sunset.
  • Aspen Lily: Uses the softness and warmth of the colours of a white lily – gentle and inviting to touch. The new Earth Collection offers the inspirational colours of nature and earth, with the durability and flexibility that only a premium solid surface can provide.

Staron® is renewable, seamless and non-toxic – providing a safe product that is easy to maintain and kind to the environment.

Sanded Noir and Pebble Seastar are also a part of the Staron® Encore Collection – featuring a guaranteed percentage of recycled content. Combined with the other two existing colours – Aspen Mine and Aspen Snow – the Encore Collection offers a selection of colours with a guaranteed percentage of recycled content for heightened sustainability in design.

Staron® is an affordable quality solid surface backed by a Samsung 10 Year Warranty for peace of mind. Enquiries can be directed to or 02 9822 7055.

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