New Dyson LED lighting product range

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9 September 2016
The Dyson Cu-Beam suspended LED downlight creates a targeted pyramid of light over a task area.

Dyson has launched a range of LED lighting products to the Australian market. The collection, which includes the Cu-Beam range of suspended lights, features innovative heat pipe technology, allowing the LEDs to stay cool, sustain brightness and have a lifespan of 180,000 hours.

The Cu-Beam suspended downlight uses a custom-engineered lens, employing precisely calculated optical geometry, that takes a single light source and creates a targeted pyramid of light over a task area such as meeting tables, reception desks, office desks, kitchen and dining areas.
The Cu-Beam suspended up-light uses a custom-engineered bubble optic lens that casts a wide pool of light across the ceiling. This eliminates hot spots and allows a short drop height and creates soft, ambient light for open spaces like atriums, foyers, circulation areas and general office lighting.


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