New cladding system embraces idiosyncrasies of timber

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29 September 2015
New cladding system embraces idiosyncrasies of timber

Expression Cladding by Woodform Architectural reignited Australian architects’ love affair with timber facades. This new cladding system, with its concealed fixing and tongue-and-groove ingenuity, introduced sleek and modern profiles that enriched the well-loved rustic charm of timber exteriors.

Beyond paying tribute to the organic appeal of the timber aesthetic, Expression Cladding technology also allowed architects to systematically plan for the peculiarities of timber.

Movement in timber should be accepted as an unavoidable reality. “When timber takes up moisture it expands and when it loses moisture it shrinks,” states Timber Queensland, a non-profit industry association, in its "Moisture in Timber" technical data sheet.

Woodform Architectural applied evidence-based research to ensure Expression Cladding is scientifically profiled to accommodate this inevitable natural timber motion.

To learn more about this concept and to register for Woodform's free webinar on timber maintenance in exterior cladding, head to the full blog.

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